Balloon Art / Decor

All balloon decor is customized. There is no "simplified" pricing, though we do have many options to fit all kinds of budgets and design wishes.

Balloon Menu 2019

Download our Balloon Menu Pdf to get ideas. Prices are subject to change or are based on basic options.

Balloon Art/Decor

Not So Fine Print

We offer professional grade balloons and service. $99 is our starting base price per twister.  

Our pricing is based on several factors: the number of guests, date, type of event, and length of stay needed. Please call us for a quote.

Did you know? One balloon artist can serve on average 12-18 guests per hour based on complexity of design and guests' participation.

Please, plan accordingly when reserving. complex balloon designs need more time reserved. 

Our artist are not clowns/characters (available for additional charge). They wear fun attire that can compliment most themes for no additional charge. 

Outdoor events need to be covered or shaded. If we need to provide a tent for our artist, it's $30, and there needs to be a 12' x 12' open area to setup tent.

Outdoor temperatures warmer than 85, services needs to be kept indoors and\or allow for needed breaks and cold water available.  

Balloon decor is built on location, so please allow and take into consideration for setup time.